Cedar Split Rail 

Cost effective

Long lasting 


2 rail or 3 rail 


Top rail treated 5ft high wired fence 

Open fence that looks good in from yards as well as rear yards

Suitable for dogs and horses .Pressure treated 

5inch line posts 6 inch end posts 

4 inch rails 

Bufftech Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing from bufftech is long lasting high wind resistant . Various colors and styles to choose from 

Chain Link 

Cost effective fencing for all types of application residential and commercial 

Privacy fencing 

Cedar privacy fencing is beautiful and long lasting if treated with care . We can make any style from traditional to more contemporary styles .

Ranch and game fencing

Fencing for horses or dogs that need higher fencing or to keep Deer or Elk out  . Using H-posts and tensioned wire 

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